A large part of looking good is feeling good, which is why we need to de-stress to age less. Gregory Landsman shares stories that will make you laugh and cry, as you journey with him to discover the best of humanity, and celebrate the goodness and value we bring to the world and those around us.

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From the book A Lifetime of BEAUTY…


Balance – a balance of inner virtues that radiates outwardly and shapes our beauty and our lives


Enthusiasm – to show enthusiasm for who we are and all aspects of ourselves.


Acceptance – accepting ourselves as a whole without isolating or fragmenting beauty to certain physical characteristics.


Understanding – we were born whole and beautiful and along the way, to doubt it. But if we have the ability to create insecurity, we have the ability to eliminate it.


Trust – learning to trust in who we are and value our own opinions.


You – you possess beauty if you are willing to see it in a more expansive way other than just the physical.



I believe in the equality of beauty

That no-one is better than who we are

And in the same breath, no-one is less

In this truth lies our hope, our strength

And our freedom to live a good life

– Gregory Landsman



We can all look our best for years longer if we look after our skin health from the inside out and the outside in with the way we eat, breathe and care for our skin.

– Gregory Landsman

Gregory-Landsman-Best selling author and global beauty expert

Beauty is a celebration of all that you are

It is the way you think

The way you feel

The way you live and the way you love

Not only yourself but others

– Gregory Landsman



Beauty comes in all forms, colours, shapes and sizes.

When we can accept this truth

We will no longer hurt ourselves and each other

For the simple things that make us human.

– Gregory Landsman