• People being treated with kindness and respect

  • Celebrating people’s differences and creating inclusive environments that allow people to flourish

  • Reframing the concept of beauty and combatting ‘lookism’ one beauty lie at a time

  • People knowing their value and feeling comfortable in their skin

  • Positive body image

  • Aging gracefully and gratefully

  • Bringing an understanding of the connection between physicality and spirituality and the importance of nurturing all aspects of ourselves

  • Sharing knowledge about looking after ourselves internally and externally with nature’s goodness

  • Sharing stories and experiences to help others find healing and peace 

  • Animal welfare


Gregory Landsman is a global beauty and wellness expert, best selling author, producer and TV host who specialises in showing people how to prevent premature aging, while lowering stress at the same time.

Having worked in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, his GL natural methods to De-Stress & Age Less are used by models, taught in universities, endorsed by nutritionists and recommended by doctors.

BOOKS: Gregory’s books explore how to counteract premature skin aging brought on by the impacts of stress, using potent anti-aging and cortisol lowering foods; and DIY youth enhancing skin formulas and breathing techniques.

His latest book, Stop Stress Fast shows readers how to reduce stress in a matter on minutes, and how to use the power of breath and cortisol lowering foods to feel calmer and take years off the face at the same time. This book is endorsed by and recommended by psychiatrists as an effective method to lower stress quickly.

Gregory’s books: Stop Stress Fast; Face Value; Face Fitness; Face Food; Face Secrets; The Balance of Beauty Explodes the Body Myth; A Lifetime of BEAUTY; Faith Lifting Prayers and A Prayer for Every Child.

NATURAL SKINCARE: Gregory has worked with world-class chemists to create natural alternatives to traditional skincare. He has championed DIY, showing people that food based skincare alternatives are confirmed by science as some of the most potent anti-aging and skin building antioxidants used in the most expensive creams.

TELEVISION: Combining his skills as a beauty expert and talented cook, Gregory hosts the TV program, Face Lifting Food, based on two of his best selling books, (Face Value and Face Food). Face Lifting Food is currently airing in more than 25 countries, showing viewers how to use skin rejuvenating and cortisol lowering foods topically and in the meals we eat to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age.

WELLNESS CENTRES: Gregory has donated time to working with medical teams in wellness centres on how to counteract the drying impacts of chemotherapy on skin naturally, contributing content from his best selling book Face Food and his TV show, Face Lifting Food, that is shown in universities.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Having grown up in Apartheid South Africa, Gregory’s early years were marked by daily beatings, bullying and rejection for his differences. Since that time Gregory has turned his pain to purpose, actively supporting the need for inclusion and the celebration of peoples’s differences through his books and education program.

EDUCATION: Gregory’s first book, The Balance of Beauty Explodes the Body Myth (Hill of Content, 1994), was semi-autobiographical, exploring the link between how we look and how we feel. This book received wide acclaim and is recommended for people suffering from eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

In 2003 Gregory developed the Dissolving Differences Program for schools to accompany his book, A Lifetime of BEAUTY, written after undertaking extensive research in schools, which showed that body dissatisfaction in children is at epidemic proportions. The Dissolving Differences Program was written by psychologist Christine Evely, (ACMI Education Director), and along with A Lifetime of BEAUTY, is endorsed for inclusion in the school curriculum. It is distributed by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM). Gregory’s books Faith Lifting Prayers and A Prayer for Every Child are also distributed by ATOM for education.

SPEAKING – EDUCATION AUDIENCES: With the aim of engendering inclusion and arming teenagers against the impacts of rejection, bullying, low self esteem and body dissatisfaction Gregory has been a key note speaker at the United Nations Think Tank for Youth, Girl Guides, REACH, Breaking the Cycle, school community initiatives and teaching groups. He has also been a spokesperson for International No Diet Day.

CORPORATE SPEAKING: On the international speaking circuit Gregory has inspired thousands of people around the world, showing them how to reduce and manage stress. This supports better decision making, increased leadership capability and consistently higher productivity.