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Best selling author Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted beauty experts in the world and the author of eight books on inner and outer beauty. His books include A Lifetime of BEAUTY; Face Value; Face Fitness; Face Food; A Prayer for Every Child; Faith Lifting Prayers; The Balance of Beauty Explodes the Body Myth; and Face Secrets.

As an advisor to the beauty industry, Gregory advocates that the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients can be found in the foods we eat, and the best way to revive skin is to topically feed it high doses of skin-building vitamins and minerals.

His best selling book trilogy Face Value, Face Fitness & Face Food deliver effective, science-based techniques to transform skin at any age and take up to 10 years off the face. His television show Face Lifting Food, based on the books Face Value and Face Food, is shown globally and used in Universities throughout the USA and Canada to educate on how to achieve healthy skin with the foods we eat.

With more than 30 years in the beauty industry, his unique approach that combines looking good with feeling good has inspired people worldwide, as Gregory believes that beauty is accessible to everyone simply by being the very best version of ourselves.

Gregory is the CEO of the GL SKINFIT INSTITUTE® an organisation that develops easy to use, natural skincare products for men, the sale of which support the development and provision of educational resources for children. 


The ‘GET SKINFIT’ Seminars help you look younger, feel younger and stay younger with Gregory Landsman’s simple and dramatically effective techniques, that you can do yourself at home at any age.

Discover how to take up to 10 years off the face naturally, feel great in your skin and keep your skin looking and feeling healthier from the inside out.

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Gregory Landsman Author

I believe that with knowledge, anyone can take years off the face and deal with the visible signs of stress.
- Gregory Landsman


Face Secrets book by Gregory Landsman

The truth about wrinkles is that they are often caused by the impacts of stress and toxins on the face. Stress + sun + pollution + everyday toxins all age the skin. The secret to looking younger is to 'destress' the skin (and facial muscles), feeding it internally and externally with skin building nutrients...and in doing so you naturally 'age less'. This is what I call getting SKINFIT!

Face Food book by Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman Face Lifting Food Book

Gregory Landsman Author Face Value by Gregory Landsman

Looking after our skin is easier than we have been lead to believe. It is not a line that ages a face, but a sagging muscle. What I have shared with the beauty industry for years I wanted to share with everyone. This is what inspired me to write FACE FITNESS.

Gregory Landsman - Face Fitness Gregory Landsman on TV

I was delighted when I found out that the show was playing in Russia. When we started it, we wanted to get a good message about food and its relationship to skin health out far and wide…and we did. Today it is playing in most continents at any given time.

Cooking for Beauty

Gregory is the host of the internationally distributed television show Face Lifting Food, based on two of his books, (Face Value and Face Food), that shows viewers how to prepare foods to tighten and brighten the skin, and where to find the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients in their own kitchen.




Balance - a balance of inner virtues that radiate outwardly and shapes our beauty and our lives.


Enthusiasm - to show enthusiasm for who we are and all aspects of ourselves.


Acceptance - accepting ourselves as a whole without isolating or fragmenting beauty to certain physical characteristics.


Understanding - we were born whole and beautiful and along the way, educated to doubt it. But if we have the ability to create insecurity, we have the ability to eliminate it.


Trust - learning to trust in who we are and value our own opinions.


You - you possess beauty if you are willing to see it in a more expansive way other than just the physical.

'A Lifetime of BEAUTY is about celebrating ourselves and our children, and the divine differences we all bring to this world.'
- Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman


A Lifetime of Beauty is the story that everyone loves to read regardless of age. Written to help build self-belief in children, it supports every person to feel stronger, more confident and free to be their best selves.

Endorsed by child psychiatrists and education professionals across the globe, the story supports parents with messages that reinforce their children's self-esteem; reminding us all, that our true value lies in the heart of our character, and our outside appearance is the smallest part of what makes us treasured and loved.

A Lifetime of Beauty is heart-warming, funny and a joy to share with the whole family; but at its core it holds the potential to uplift the way every one of us thinks and feels about ourselves and the world.


Gregory Landsman and Elephant

'To be beautiful all you have to do is... Be yourself. 
Like yourself. 
But most importantly be kind to yourself and others. Stir your heart with your dreams. Celebrate your life. 
Laugh, cry, pretend you can fly. 
Make friends with yourself. Believe in your magic. 
Honor your body and your life. 
Wish upon a star. 
Say ‘I love you’ often and 
smile regularly.' 

- Excerpt from A Lifetime of BEAUTY

A LIFETIME OF BEAUTY by Gregory Landsman


When I became aware that there was so much body dissatisfaction in school aged children, I undertook some research, which showed that children as young as six were dieting and 96% of the children who participated in the research didn't like the way they looked. I then wrote 'A Life Time of BEAUTY'. Having grown up in a country where how you looked meant a great deal, my greatest hope is that parents can teach their children that differences are to be embraced and cherished.

“When it comes to beauty, our children don't only inherit our genes,

they inherit our level of self esteem and self belief."

- Gregory Landsman




Gregory Landsmans Prayer of Choice


Faith Lifting Prayers will inspire you to live your best life. It is a book that will make you laugh and cry, as you journey with the author to discover the best of yourself, and celebrate the goodness and value you bring to the world and those around you.

Taking us across the globe from South Africa to India, from Switzerland to Australia, best selling author Gregory Landsman shares his stories of searching for meaning and his prayers along the way to find fulfilment, self acceptance and a happy life.

Having grown up in South Africa under the Apartheid system, Gregory's early years were marked by daily beatings, bullying and rejection for simply being himself.

Faith Lifting Prayers is a road map to healing inner pain, learning forgiveness and finding true self acceptance and joy - it is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to feel they are loved and valuable for who they are...just as they are.

A Prayer for Every Child by Gregory Landsman

I was inspired to write FAITH LIFTING PRAYERS last year, as faith has been an important part of my path to know God and to know myself.


Dear God
There are many things in life I do not understand
Racism, sexism, lookism, ageism
But for all the misunderstandings
Help me believe in the goodness and beauty of all people
And to know that as human beings
We are all meant to be different
Give me the wisdom to know and accept this simple truth
So I no longer hurt myself or others
For the simple things that make us human

- Gregory Landsman

Faith Lifting Prayers, A Celebration of Humanity by Gregory Landsman


A Prayer for Every Child is the companion book to Gregory Landman's latest book, Faith Lifting Prayers, A Celebration of Humanity

A Prayer for Every Child will connect you to your greatest wish for your children or children you love.

The moving pictures of children being their truest selves will make you smile and your heart want to burst as you reconnect to all that you have ever wanted for a child you love.

Share the joy and celebrate the beauty of children with this inspiring and very special gift book.

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