Gregory Landsman

At 54 I look back at my life and my journey through the world of beauty. I started out as a model at 18, wrote a book on inner beauty at 32, and have spent much of the last 20 years advising on how to achieve the healthiest and youngest looking skin naturally.

Through these extremes I realised that almost without exception, `We all want to look as good as we can for as long as we can´.

And so much of what I do supports that; through my TV shows, my professional skin treatment range, my books on skin and beauty, and my magazine Face Secrets.

However, my personal journey has taught me, that when we get to the point where we can appreciate our differences and feel good about how we look, we are able to acknowledge that this is only the smallest part of what makes us beautiful human beings.

`I would rather spend time in nature, than anywhere else. It is the source of the most healing ingredients for skin health, and always a place where I feel centred and at peace.´
- Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman Author

When I wrote my first book, I wanted to change the world. Now almost twenty five years later, I simply want to change the world's concept of BEAUTY!
- Gregory Landsman

Face Secrets book by Gregory Landsman

The truth about wrinkles is that they are often caused by the impacts of stress and toxins on the face. Stress + sun + pollution + everyday toxins all age the skin. The secret to looking younger is to 'destress' the skin and facial muscles, feeding it internally and externally with skin building nutrients...and in doing so you naturally 'age less'. This is what I call getting SKINFIT!

Face Food book by Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman Face Lifting Food Book

I wrote this book to remind people that eating the correct food is one of the most powerful ways to keep our skin healthy and youthful.

Gregory Landsman Author Face Value by Gregory Landsman

Looking after our skin is easier than we have been lead to believe. It is not a line that ages a face, but a sagging muscle. What I have shared with the beauty industry for years I wanted to share with everyone. This is what inspired me to write FACE FITNESS.

Gregory Landsman - Face Fitness Gregory Landsman on TV

I was so proud when I found out that the show was playing in Russia. When we started it, we wanted to get a good message about food and its relationship to skin health out far and wide…and we did. Today it is playing in most continents at any given time.

Cooking for Beauty

I believe in eating healthy food, as what you put on the inside will always show up on the outside. But there comes a point where we have to stop counting our calories and start counting our blessings and just enjoy! - Gregory Landsman

My approach is that when we feel good, we look good. This means that inner health and happiness will have as much impact on our skin as what we put on our faces. - Gregory Landsman



Balance - a balance of inner virtue that radiates outwardly and shapes our beauty and our lives


Enthusiasm - to show enthusiasm for who we are and all aspects of ourselves.


Acceptance - accepting ourselves as a whole without isolating or fragmenting beauty to certain physical characteristics.


Understanding - we were born whole and beautiful and along the way, to doubt it. But if we have the ability to create insecurity, we have the ability to eliminate it.


Trust - learning to trust in who we are and value our own opinions.


You - you possess beauty if you are willing to see it in a more expansive way other than just the physical.

'Love and beauty are interlinked
With one you ultimately share the other'
- Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman and Elephant

My wife's favourite of my quotes is:

'Sometimes love comes in a form totally unexpected. Rise to the consciousness of the love, not the level of the form.’

When I became aware that there was so much body dissatisfaction in school aged children, I undertook some research and then made the animated film 'A Life Time of BEAUTY, which was endorsed by teachers of media. Having grown up in a country where how you looked meant a great deal, my greatest hope is that parents can teach their children that differences are to be embraced and cherished.
- Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsmans Prayer of Choice

I was inspired to write a prayer book last year, as faith has been an important part of my path to know God and to know myself.


It has taken many years to understand
That if I believe I am ugly I will know ugliness
If I believe my body is not perfect I will know imperfection
If I believe I am beautiful
I will know beauty
This is my power to choose what I believe
Guide my thoughts so I can choose carefully

- Gregory Landsman

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